From Pixels to Paychecks: How advertising serves as engine of economic and social influence

In a comprehensive exploration of the impact of advertising on the Australian economy, commissioned by the Communications Council, Deloitte Access Economics delivers a revealing account of how advertising serves as a powerful force, shaping economic landscapes and influencing societal dynamics.

The Power of News Advertising: Shaping perceptions and driving engagement

News advertising stands as a powerful force capable of altering views, increasing engagement, and influencing the decisions of millions. Attention has emerged as the new currency, and as consumers are bombarded with a stream of information and content, capturing and retaining their attention has become the ultimate challenge and goal for advertisers.

Smart Data: Understanding your audience

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about their specific needs. By learning what they can get out of your service and why they choose it over the competition, you can determine who they are. And essentially, it can help you understand their needs, wants and demands. Understanding is the key here – businesses need to know who their audience is, what these audience members are doing, and how to position services for the greatest possible impact.

Connecting with active readers: inform, entice, engage

Digital advertising is an umbrella term for using digital tools to promote and market products, services, organisations and brands. As consumers and businesses become more reliant on digital communications, the power and importance of advertising on digital media news sites have also increased.

Reaching More Engaged Audiences: A guide for digital news marketers

Without engagement, social media is just media. Online engagement has become a crucial component of any marketing plan as social media platforms develop to reward genuine social interactions.

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