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In a world where the food industry is constantly evolving, the adoption of online training systems has emerged as a crucial catalyst for business success. These days, staying competitive requires more than just secret recipes and skilled cooks; it demands a well-trained and adaptable workforce capable of managing the complexities of modern production.

Food manufacturing, an industry renowned for its stringent regulations and high demand for quality, has embraced digital transformation with open arms. Businesses nowadays are constantly exploring the benefits of online training solutions and how it is reshaping the future of food manufacturing.

Karen Dela Paz, Lifestyle Bakery co-owner and human resources manager, told Australian Manufacturing in an exclusive interview that the company has been using the Intertek Alchemy training platform for over six years, highlighting how it was able to improve the quality and consistency of training material while drastically reducing the amount of time and money spent on paperwork and in-person training sessions.

Enabling accessible training for the next generation of food industry professionals

Online training is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, breaking down geographical barriers. Dela Paz emphasised that “moving from an ad hoc, paper-based training system delivered by many different team leaders to a technology-backed system” has ensured that all employees receive the same high-quality information and instruction. This consistency is critical in an industry where uniformity in food safety and quality is paramount.

In Lifestyle Bakery’s recent audits, Dela Paz said that auditors were able to take note of the effectiveness brought by the training system. She explained that when an auditor requests training records, Alchemy makes it simple to provide reports that include dynamic and up-to-date employee training data. Previously, they had to sift through mountains of paper records, many of which were not completed properly.

“It isn’t just auditors who have taken notice, we have also won an education award at the Food SA for education and training in South Australia since implementing Alchemy,” she noted.

Staying ahead of the curve by maximising returns

According to Dela Paz, following the introduction of Alchemy throughout the company, there has been a quantifiable increase in quality, productivity, and its ability to deliver better products.

“It saves our management team up to an hour or two each day that would have previously been spent correcting employees. Previously we used a 10-page training document for each person in the factory, now we don’t have any paperwork and it’s all digital,” she explained.

Real-time progress tracking

Impact-wise, the increases in Lifestyle Bakery’s output and quality speak for themselves, according to Dela Paz. She said that high-quality products, increased output, and significantly less time spent on adjustments are all present.

In particular, the company uses the ‘Coach’ feature on a tablet within the workplace to track each employee’s observations. Dela Paz said the program permits a team leader to launch ‘Coach’ on the tablet and ask two or three questions about a job an employee is working on; the answers are then saved in their file.

Thus, this data-driven approach helps them identify areas where additional training might be required and allows for timely interventions, ultimately leading to a more skilled workforce.

The adoption of online workforce training solutions, like in Lifestyle Bakery, is gradually becoming more than an option; it is becoming a necessity. As technology advances, the relevance of online training in food production will only grow, paving the way for a better and more successful future for the sector and consumers alike.

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